Noah age 8 -Oct 2009

Noah age 8 -Oct 2009

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas 2010

It was a really special Christmas Eve. Amma (being my Mom she received the Amma from Noah when he lost his hearing)& Papa came to spend the night. We had a pot roast and was just really laid back. Each child was able to open one present. Noah got his dragon, Abi opened a puzzle type toy, Gabriel a bowling set for babies.

Noah has taken to Papa since he's been coming up.

Christmas morning was like every other morning my children slept in while the adults were the ones up early.

Abi was so excited she finally got to open up her presents that had been under the tree, Gabriel was just ready to rip open paper. Noah wasn't that interested. He opened a present and realized it wasn't what he was wanted and gave up. While Abi was joyously opening up her "princess present" Noah went into the laundry room and cried. You see he had been asking for a Lego set for months every time we went shopping he would go to the Lego's and while I was surfing toys he would pick out Lego's. But the only presents he had opened we not the toys he wanted except for the dragon the night before. But Abi right from the beginning picked out her present she wanted.

It took us a minute to convince Noah to come back and open up more presents. Little did he know the very next present he would open would be the one he had been asking for. And that was that 2 days after Christmas he finally opened the rest of his presents because he had, had enough of making the dragon destroy the Lego castle he had made and it was time to move on. (I bet you thought there was going to be a sad ending).

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