Noah age 8 -Oct 2009

Noah age 8 -Oct 2009

Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Act Of Kindness

Today my Mom and I took Abi and the baby to see Alvin and the Chipmunks (2). She (my Mom) really wanted to take Noah because she was feeling guilty that on Friday she couldn't stay and play with him when he got home from school. Noah on the other hand and for the very first time ever decided that he wanted to stay home with Daddy. We had a great time No one was in the theater so I felt safe from germs and nasty virus's. On the way home we stopped at the dollar store where my Mother picked up a couple of kites for the kids. By the time we got home Abi had them open and all over her car (joy guess who gets to clean that up).

Later on that evening Abi had again took apart the kites and had lost a stick to her kite. Which now we had a hysterical girl crying, Daddy running after her trying to figure out what was wrong. Finally after about 5 minutes of "Abi what is wrong?" he discovered the answer. We couldn't find the sticks. She was still sobbing.

Noah took his kite to Daddy and pointed to Abi's kite. By instinct Brad (my wonderful husband) knew what Noah was getting at. So with a tear in his eye he took the stick from Noah's kite and put it on Abi's kite. Noah clapped his hands and giggled and Abi gratefully gave her Big Brother a wonderful hug.

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