Noah age 8 -Oct 2009

Noah age 8 -Oct 2009

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Social Interaction Progress

Noah has been initiating social play with others. Yes, it’s true something that he had normally strayed from in the past has now become a part of the evening ritual with his “Dede” (Noah’s word for Daddy). As they wrestle on the floor with the Chihuahua trying desperately to get in on the action and occasionally gets to lick someone’s face as they are down on the ground... What a fantastic experience it has been. He still has his ups and downs trying to figure out what is the correct type of play but I believe he is starting to get the hang of it. Noah has taken upon himself to correct his baby brother when Gabriel does inappropriate things like spitting or hitting. Another HUGE step in the right direction. He is still suffering from severe headaches and is getting very little sleep which makes him intolerable to extra stimuli so he has been insisting on watching my relaxation DVD's. He has only started this past weekend so we will see where it goes.

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