Noah age 8 -Oct 2009

Noah age 8 -Oct 2009

Monday, October 15, 2012

Our New Life

Wow, it's been a while and a lot has happened since I last posted. Last I posted, we were in American Fork and running a campground that kept our lives in total chaos and stress. Our children were completely sheltered from doing what normal kids do(sleep overs, having friends over or even going to a friends because we had to stay at the park 24/7 etc). Then the last week of August 2012 we were very fortunate that life happened and we are now living way out in the country where the children go to a very small school. The entire school is the size of one of wings of Noah and Abigails last school(Forbes Elementary whom we love and miss). We were so lucky to have the Apline School District in our lives for so long, they have a whole program dedicated to nothing but our wonderful autistic children. It's an Amazing program they have. The new school... like I said is very small and they dont have a program "just for autistic kids" They have a special needs director and the children all go to regular classes. At first I thought, "oh no, this isnt going to work for Noah" but then I dropped in unannounced and had the opportunity to check things out. It wasn't that bad, everyone seemed so nice and laid back. So I told them I would give it a shot. It turns out that this community is so dedicated to their kids that they have custom fit a program just for Noah. What they have done for Noah is incrediable he has someone with him all the time and he is talking more and more every day. He is singing, and goes outside to play and get this... he walks home from school with his sister everyday.
(Noah age 11) Honestly, I don't believe we could have made a better decision than to move to the country.
Noah and his brother and sister are so happy here. I have never seen them smile so much. I promise to be better at posting but for now I just wanted to give you all a quick update on Our New Life.

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